BIOWEAPON Eclipse is a young adult sci-fi fantasy novel series with the first installment published via Amazon in 2020. Concepts for BIOWEAPON Eclipse began in 2010 with several attempts to create a comic book series. In 2017, production began on the now-published novel. Volume 2 is currently in the works as well as a supporter-funded comic book adaptation of Volume 1.


WWIII, 2120-2123. Mars had been colonized by way of a peace agreement between nations. That agreement was broken when a coalition of Russia, China, and North Korea used the Martian colonists as guinea pigs for their experiments to create a race of animal-human hybrids, which were called Therians after the Greek word for beast. These bioweapons were stronger, faster, and more resilient than humans. They were also spliced with tardigrade and axolotl DNA, to give them resistance to radiation and faster healing, respectively.These Therians, along with advanced experimental weapons, were used by the now Dragon Empire to conquer Earth.

WWIV, 2141-2144. A rebellion was formed from the former citizens of the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The Dragon Empire was defeated by a combination of rebel forces and deserter Therians.After the Dragon Empire’s defeat, the remaining Therians on Mars claimed the Red Planet for themselves and founded the Chimera Regime.Likewise, the American Republic was formed, taking on the phoenix as their national bird.Japan, which had formerly been conquered and helped the Western rebels, became the new head of the Dragon Empire as an ally to the American Republic.

Sol War One, 2197-2200. In the first interplanetary war, the Chimera Regime attempted to invade Earth for themselves. They were led by Alpha Amarok Kron, a ruthless wolf-therian who believed that the strongest should rule.At first, the Chimera were winning with their superior strength, speed, and endurance. They also had access to the advanced and experimental weaponry left behind by their creators. The tide turned when earth began creating advanced battle androids, which were even stronger than the Therians. A special ops team known as Eclipse was instrumental in dealing a critical blow to the Chimera Regime, banishing them back to Mars.Androids were granted rights as a thanks for their service in defending humanity against annihilation.

Present Day, 2220. The Earth is recovering from the war with the Chimera Regime. Despite past allegiances with Therian defectors, relationships with them are tense. Some carry on with their lives without a care, others wonder how long before the Chimera Regime will try again.

Marcus Valko is the android son to Masumi, an accomplished AI programmer and CEO of Valko Industries, a company she founded with her late husband Audric, who was killed during the war. Marcus was unveiled five years ago as the world's first techno-organic android, the most human-like robot yet. Until now, Marcus had accepted this without question, but now he has discovered an armored battle mode that he was not told about and has run afoul the Chimera Elite, a special ops team lead by the Chimera Regime's heir, Randor Kron. He also discovered a mysterious fox-therian with the ability to shapeshift and pyrokinesis, abilities that normal therians don't have.Who, or what, is Marcus really? Why are the Chimera Elite and the heir of the Chimera Regime interested in him? Who is this mysterious kitsune-like fox-therian and what is her part to play? Will Marcus like the answers he finds?Word Count: 40,800

With the heroes stranded on an alien planet, how will they survive, how will they get back home, and how will they stop the Chimera Regime from taking over Earth?

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BIOWEAPON Eclipse was originally planned to be a comic but we could never stick to it and went with a written novel instead to at least get the story out there. Now we’re trying again to make that dream a reality. A comic adaptation of volume 1 (and eventually volume 2) is in the works. You can support it and gain early access to pages before the comics are officially published by subscribing on Ko-fi. The more support we get, the more pages can be completed.

BIOWEAPON Eclipse the game is a concept for a 2D sidescrolling platformer Metroidvania. It will not directly adapt any part of the initial duology, instead taking place after both books.All three main heroes—Marcus, Rubi, and Zeke—will be playable at the start and will be bounty hunters. Other characters could be unlockable through gameplay.The objective will be to travel through a location (stage) to locate a bounty (boss). The player must then choose between capturing or killing the bounty, depending on whether they’re wanted dead or alive. Killing the bounty is easier but capturing will give a larger reward, however, there may be conditions where killing is the preferred choice, like if the bounty is actively attempting mass murder. Captured bounties may have the chance of escaping and showing up later in the same locations, but dead bounties won’t except in the case of robots, depending on how they were destroyed.As a Metroidvania, backtracking will of course be a feature. This could be to upgrade weapons or powers, find items to move forward, unlock outfits or skins, or unlock characters. Some of these may alternatively be accomplished by purchasing them in an in-game shop using the bounty earnings.While the game will feature dialogue, character interactions, and a narrative, it won’t be story heavy nor have a canon path. It will serve as a fun game for existing fans and newcomers to the franchise alike, making only vague references to the original duology.There are currently no plans to start production on this game as we do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to create a video game of any magnitude. If you’re an indie studio who is interested in taking on this project, please contact us so we can work out a deal.

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BIOWEAPON Eclipse Future (working title) is a planned comic series to take place in the future, long after the events of the original duology.It follows the adventures of three main characters: Kenzie, Linsey, and Sapphire.A now non-canon version was started in 2015, however it was scrapped before finishing the first issue to return to the drawing board.

BIOWEAPON Eclipse Future (formerly Curse of Zog), characters, & concepts © Kenneth Hartbarger III 2015-23

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